Employment Screening
Pre-Post Employment Screening

Employment whether for domestic staff in households or for a commercial entity is a cumbersome and risk proposition. Good help is hard to find, prospective candidates often lie about their credential to get work in a good and reputable place.

Corporate Employment Screening:

The risks of employing a employee with risk associated with him/her can have dire consequences resulting in the entities image being tarnished. The quality of work an employee undertakes can make a world of difference on the success of the organization. Right down from recruitment down to his departure companies these are investing in the human resource capital development i.e. in training them etc. A person with professional qualification and with relevant knowledge can help the organization in reducing the time spent on training him thus saving cost. With competition on the rise and high cost of living people are looking to earn as high as possible which often results in them indulging in wrong doing. It is therefore very important to know maximum about your employee so as to manage them effectively and allowing them to be productive. A company�s efficiency is dependent on the efficiency of its employee. Each corporate entity employs staff of a particular skill to keeping in mind their nature of work in order to deliver goods and services at minimum time.

Risk associated with employing staff

  • � Whether his NIC is real or fake
  • � Whether he has any FIR registered against him
  • � How is his character as claimed by the people he meets
  • � Whether his references are fake or real
  • � Whether the academic degrees submitted are authentic or fake
  • � How is his character as claimed by the people he meets
  • � Whether his references are fake or real
  • � Whether the academic degrees submitted are authentic or fake
  • � Whether the previous employment certificate is authentic or fake
  • � Whether the previous emolument package is as per claim
  • � Whether any certifications mentioned in the resume are actual or fake

Use cases for employment Screening

Airlines:Imagine under qualified employed by a airline. The result can be disastrous and have a huge impact on the lives of general public. This can be at various position ranging from a mechanic, supply chain, pilots, air hostesses. A accident resulting from carelessness from any of these can result in the airlines being completely public would be lost.

Manufacturer of eatablesIn this case again a simple basic mistake due to carelessness from the part of any employee due to lack of knowledge could result a disaster and tarnishing of the companies reputation.

AcademicThis segment is perhaps the most important as it causes a chain reaction. The under qualified teacher will effect the lives of all students as they will graduate thinking they academically ready for the next step in their lives. With their basis not strong they will find it hard to manage their further studies and work life. Not just teaching staff but also non teaching staff need to be screened to ensure that they do not affect the student�s lives in the wrong way.

Domestic employment screening

Domestic employment screening: Pakistan�s security over the years have deteriorated at an absorbent rate. Most thefts and dacoities at the domestic level are done through inside information leaked and getting into the wrong ears. The employers don�t know about the prospective employee

  • � Whether where they claim to have worked is actually right,
  • � Whether their pay at the previous employment is as they claimed,
  • � Whether they have an FIR lodged against them
  • � Whether their permanent and living addresses are what they claim.
  • � What their character is as acknowledged by the neighbors

All these are valuable insights on a person which can help the security of a household. At ICIL we equip a prospective employer to be fully informed about a person when hiring him through a verified source rather than as per claims of the person himself.