Degree / Educational Certificate(s) Check:

With so many institutes open in Pakistan it is not possible to keep track of the degrees that they offer. Forging a degree and claiming to have been a graduate is a common fraud used by a number of prospective employee. Corporate entities are looking to improve their backend operation and one way of doing this is to invest in good quality and qualified human resource. To meet these requirement many students/prospective employees choose the easy way i.e. to forge a degree.  Such fake degrees is a major crime and can have serious consequences. Employment where public is at stake like Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Drivers, Teachers and many more hold keys posts that effect the safety of public based on the job they do. The efficiency at job is dependent on their qualification and experience. There are huge number of such people roaming who play with the safety of public by claiming a degree which is fake and thus don’t have the required skills and expertise. One such category is Doctors, there are a number of fake doctors of quacks as we call them who play with the lives of patients by wrongly diagnosing and prescribing medicine to claim benefits from Pharmaceutical companies.

Keeping all this in mind corporate entities at the most require the degree to be attested by a notary public who generally put a stamp on the degree on payment of certain amount.

A fake degree can have dire consequences on a corporate entity. Hiring an employee with a fake degree can result a corporate entities efficiency being effected which can inturn affect its customers and thus loss in revenue.

The result can be horrendous if the job undertaken affects the core processes of the entity resulting in loss of the company’s reputation.

ICIL with its vast network of office through Pakistan is ideally suited to undertake degree verification. With its experience of 15 years in conducting verification for NBP Rozgar Scheme, NBP Advance salary, Meezan Bank and many more ICIL has developed processes to verify degrees efficiency. 

Why have degree verified

  • - Ensure Staff is qualified enough to under their jobs
  • - Ensure your customers are served by qualified staff
  • - If an employees lies on his resume how can he be trusted for the quality of work he does.
  • - In certain industries like medical, aviation, financial a bogus degree holder can be of danger to other people.
  • - Recruitment is a time consuming process, thus the cost of replacing a bogus degree holder can be a lot.

All of the above can have a serious impact on your brand and your company reputation. The Return on Investment of conducting a KYE search on employee can be far less then the impact of not having it done.


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