Credit Information Database  

ICIL is Pakistan only credit information database company . It is constantly developing / upgrading countrys Largest credit information database of public , private limited companies , partnership firms engaged in large , small scale manufacturing , trading ( import , export ) , wholesale and in the service sectors . It also has database of self-employed persons who borrowed small loans from Pakistan largest bank ( NBP)


As provider of credit services to Pakistan banking industry , ICIL business analysts based in ICIL branches in different industrial and commercial towns are constantly investigating , verifying and upgrading its database which is used to provide credit decision support reports for different types of lending to its banking customers .


  ICIL maintain following databases:
  1) Field database of Pakistan business universe
  2) Credit information database containing 9 - Field plus Financials , court cases , market reputation
  3) Registered Charge database of public and private limited companies
  4) Property Search Database.