ICIL’s Local Credit Risk Management Services  


Corporate, Commercial & SME Credit Risk Services Reporting Services  


Local Business Information Reports aka Local BIRs   


This is a credit report service on Pakistani companies. It covers in-depth analysis focusing on its quantitative and qualitative aspects; a Credit Manager uses it to make decisions. 


SME Credit Reports  


As the unorganized sector lacks proper record keeping, ICIL has designed its SME Business Report based on Prudential Regulations. To effectively meet the SBP's PR requirements, ICIL's SME reports briefly discuss


  • Key drivers of the business  
  • Key risk and risk mitigants


Besides, as court notices represent an important factor in the risk profile of a company or its Proprietor, Partner and Director, ICIL's SME reports also include Court Notices Check from ICIL's Court Notices database. Based on above, the Credit Managers make decisions


With Basic Financial Estimations:  


With SME Reports, ICIL will also conduct a financial data verification exercise, i.e. the data being submitted by the borrower will be verified using Quassi Audit procedures. For example the sales figure from the P&L will be verified by going through invoices, receipts, and sales tax documents. Besides, during situations of non-availability of financials, ICIL analyst will also carry out financial estimations based on the inspection of underlying records such as transaction registers etc. All the other contents of the Local BIR will be included in the SME Report.  


With Cash Flow Analysis:  


ICIL can include Future Cash Flow Analysis in the SME reports. The method of the Future Cash Flow Analysis will be scenario based and will require a pre-determined methodology, which the Bank will give consent to.  


Market Checking   


These reports contain results of interviews with market sources and their opinions on a company’s payment habits, business dealings, etc. While conducting this report the Business Analyst / Investigator does not contact the Subject Company. Contact is only made with the customers, suppliers etc. This report is conducted for large corporate customers of financial institutions where meetings with senior financial controllers are difficult.  


Search Reports   


Search Reports contain registered charges (collateral data) filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Reports are provided according to Date wise, Bank wise and Security wise formats with rankings. This formats helps you understand at a single glance:


  • Total exposure of your bank on a single party. 
  • Total exposure on the particular security you are going to create your charge over 
  • Where your charge will stand in case of financing against a particular security.  


Charge Registration Services


ICIL’s Public Record team has also developed the expertise to register loan documents at the SECP offices. Whether it is a registration of a charge (Form 10) or modification (Form 16) or a satisfaction (Form 17), ICIL has the relevant expertise to provide efficient registration service.  


Consumer Credit Information & Income Estimation Services


Income Estimation Services


This is a reporting service in which the ICIL analysts conduct a verification exercise of the income and expenditure of a Small Business (SMEs) usually Proprietorships and Partnerships. When a bank obtains a filled loan application form from a prospective borrower, an exercise of verification is conducted. The process includes site visits to the premises of business, verification of statements and documents, verification of personal expenses and wealth, cursory checks, and observations etc. The report involves adopting Quasi-Audit procedures and Due Diligence. 


ICIL can also prepare, on behalf of the Bank, the borrowers future cash flows / cash flow analysis. 


ICIL can also prepare, on behalf of the Bank, the borrowers future cash flows / cash flow analysis.

ICIL has specialist teams consisting of Bankers, Chartered Accountants, Industry Specialists who conduct such reports. ICIL’s Board of Directors and Management comprises of Pakistan’s reputed Chartered Accountants. We also have vast experience of verification of small businesses entities.


Verification Services


Declarations regarding education and other required credentials by potential employees and borrowers always expose employers and bankers to fraud risk. ICIL, being the premier risk management supplier offers reliable verification solutions to help you manage the risk associated with hiring and credit decisions. Our experienced verification staff understands the underlying requirements and carries out the verification exercise to your satisfaction.  


Verification Services include:

  • Employee Verifications including Degree Verification  
  • Credit Application Verification  
  • Address Verification