People working in International Credit Information Limited are known as knowledge executives i.e. those individuals who collect raw data and transform it into useful meaningful information for business solutions.



Since ICIL is engaged in providing business solutions to banks and the export community of Pakistan, it is important that the staff in ICIL are knowledgeable and highly qualified. At ICIL we look at what an individual is capable of doing, rather than at what he has done in his past experience. Employees in ICIL are considered to be an asset to the company.



Every day, at ICIL, is a learning experience that enhances the knowledge of an individual.



We also undertake internship programs. These programs are meant to aid an individual in practically understanding what he/she is learning academically. Those internees who are found to be hardworking and capable are looked upon as prospective employees.


Our higher management takes personal interest in the training of new recruits. Ample opportunity is provided for an individual to grow in the organization and progress towards a higher position. We encourage individuals to work hard to earn greater benefits for the company and hence for themselves.