ICIL Business Training 


In an age when companies are challenged by increasing business complexity, ICIL business training unit’s training programs offer a range of organizational benefits from leadership development to financial and management skills training. ICIL Business Training Programs aim to improve organizational abilities and enhance professional competence by imparting knowledge and developing skills which will enhance the professional excellence of you and your organization in Pakistan’s corporate world.
Whether it’s for an organization or for the individual, our trainings can take your career to the next level by strengthening your existing skills and acquiring the skills you are missing. Learn from the experience of our experienced professional trainers to deal with local and global business challenges and boost your capacity for strategic thinking.

Our trainings are focused on the management of financial services, professional and technological skills, sales and marketing and a range of ‘soft’ skills.

ICIL’s panel of facilitators, include local trainers as well as our External trainer panel, who are all distinguished professionals in their fields. They will share with the participants, both conceptual knowledge and the benefits of their practical experience.

Open Enrollment Courses 

  • We offer both Open Enrollment Courses as well as In-house trainings in the following areas. Open enrollment programs are meant for the public and are announced periodically. Individuals or organizations which wish to send their employees for a particular training need to contact us. The organizations need to send the name and details of their nominees to our representatives so that we can reserve a place for them. While individuals also have to send in their details to our representative.

In house Training: 

  • For courses to be conducted in-house our representative needs to be contacted who will ascertain whether the facilitator is available. The venue for the training is decided by the organization, either at their premises or elsewhere.