Payment Monitoring
LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG is a fully integrated compliance platform that enables organizations like yours to consolidate compliance processes, standardize controls and bring enterprise-wide operational consistency. Reduce the complexity and boost the efficiency of your KYC processes by accessing identity verification, screening, due diligence and fraud prevention services through a single point of entry for a consistent user experience. By combining industry-leading filtering software with the unmatched watch list content of WorldComplianceTM Data, Bridger Insight XG delivers significant efficiencies to the screening processes to drive compliance cost down, increase operational capacity and reduce cycle times. Grow your global customer base faster and expedite transaction execution while protecting your organization from regulatory risk with Bridger Insight XG..
Access unmatched sanctions perspective in a summary report
Bridger Insight XG delivers effective and efficient screening by combining a world class matching algorithm with access to the industry’s most robust global screening data power by Lexis Nexis World Compliance data.
Using this you can confidentally
  • Accelerate account opening
  • Simply SWIFT, International ACH and Fedwire payment screening
  • Support the resolution of critical BSA/AML and CIP and KYC compliance requirements
  • Reduce the costs of manual reviews due to false positives.